Precise neuromonitoring for thyroid surgery and many other applications

The C2 NerveMonitor – optimised for daily use in the OR

The C2 NerveMonitor offers effective intraoperative neuromonitoring for thyroid surgery. It allows direct neurostimulation with hand guided probes, making it a useful aid, for the localisation of the vocal cord nerve, the recurrent laryngeal nerve >>, and for its functioning testing. Specifically developed for surgical removal of the thyroid, the two independently working stimulators of the C2 NerveMonitor also provide continuous neuromonitoring with the delta electrode >>.

ALM® – Cutting-edge technology for highest reliability

The innovative ALM® technology >> for Advanced Laryngeal Monitoring in thyroid surgery offers an intelligent complete solution for precise and reliable recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring.

The collaborative effects of the ALM® Tube, the C2 NerveMonitor and the C2 Channel Select Software perform ideally together to create a perfected and seamless monitoring method. Through the intuitive user navigation of the C2 NerveMonitor and the easy placement of the ALM® Tube, the surgeon benefits from efficient monitoring during the surgical procedure. Subsequently, the C2 Channel Select Software, a specially developed C2 software module for thyroid surgery, automatically selects the strongest signal.

Neuromonitoring as the standard of care

Neuromonitoring is explicitly recommended for redo-operation in thyroid surgery by the German Society for General and Visceral Surgery – German Association of Endocrine Surgeons.* Therefore, documenting the monitoring process and implementing it as rapidly and intuitively as possible are of critical importance in thyroid surgery. The C2 NerveMonitor offers a barcode scanner to quickly read patient data, effortless integration of data into the patient management system, and many other possibilities for straightforward and fast reporting.

*: Deutsche Gsellschaft für Allgemein- und Viszeralchirurgie e.V. (DGAV), Leitlinie Operative Therapie benigner Schilddrüsenerkrankungen, Oktober 2015


  • Ease of use for Operating Room staff
  • Clear presentation of the muscle response in the form of EMG waveforms
  • In combination with the ALM® Tube: Channel Select software for optimal signal quality in thyroid surgery
  • High quality loudspeakers
  • Continuous vagus nerve monitoring during thyroid surgery
  • Integrated patient database
  • Barcode scanner for patient ID input


The C2 NerveMonitor was developed to protect nerve tracts in thyroid surgery and many other surgical applications:

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