We are proud to work on the following projects in the field of medical technology:

  • EpiSign
  • NeuroPhos

RCI (Robotic Cochlear Implant): Robotic surgery to restore hearing for patients with severe hearing loss

The robotic system RCI: Keyhole surgery for cochlear implants
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CONFIRM: Neuromonitoring for Spinal Cord Implants

Neurophysiological system facilitates the implantation of electrodes for spinal cord stimulation

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NEPTUN: Individualized medical technology through research

Pioneering impulses in the restoration of damaged digestive functions.

EpiSign: Increasing the success of surgical interventions for epilepsy treatment

EEG-based biomarkers of epileptic active tissue simplify surgery and increase freedom from seizures.

NeuroPhos: Innovation in intraoperative neuromonitoring

Automated intraoperative neuromonitoring for the benefit of the patient.

INTAKT: New generation of interactive implants

The INTAKT innovation cluster focuses on the development of interactive microimplants for improved human-technology interaction.