Current Research Projects

We are proud to work on the following projects in the field of medical technology:

  • EpiHeart


AIQNET is the Medical Data Ecosystem of a consortium that, as KIKS, won the federal government's AI competition in 2019. The curated network of 16 sponsored and numerous associated partners is made up of internationally established medical technology and health care companies.

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CONFIRM: Neuromonitoring for Spinal Cord Implants

Neurophysiological system facilitates the implantation of electrodes for spinal cord stimulation

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NEPTUN: Individualized medical technology through research

Pioneering impulses in the restoration of damaged digestive functions.

EpiHeart: Increasing the success of surgical interventions for epilepsy treatment

EEG-based biomarkers of epileptic active tissue simplify surgery and increase freedom from seizures.

INTAKT: New generation of interactive implants

The INTAKT innovation cluster focuses on the development of interactive microimplants for improved human-technology interaction.