sEEG Thermocoagulation for Patients with Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

The New LG2-sEEG: Intuitive Lesion Generator especially for sEEG Treatment

The LG2-sEEG Lesion Generator is one of the new devices in the inomed RF Lesion Generator series. In combination with the sEEG-Box, it is possible to perform RF treatments via sEEG electrodes. sEEG (stereoelectroencephalography) is an invasive, diagnostic procedure for patients with drug-resistant epilepsies.

Highest safety, precision and comfort in sEEG and Brain Lesioning

The versatile RF Generator can be used in many different modes and with various instruments: brain lesioning in temperature- and power-controlled mode as well as for the most common pain applications. Mono- or bipolar pain and brain electrodes can be connected on the front socket. One sEEG electrode with up to 18 contacts can be connected to one socket of the sEEG Box. The second sEEG socket can be used for research applications.
The device features a real-time display of power output and impedance during sEEG lesioning. Audio impedance during brain lesioning provides real-time audio feedback of impedance changes.

Intuitive operation in various applications

The LG2-sEEG is certified for brain and pain applications.

Specifically for sEEG treatment

Connect sEEG electrodes with the generator to create lesions via the pre-implanted electrodes. The selection of neighboring electrode contacts is made via the touch-screen on the device and these are displayed on the sEEG box. The RF power-output can be adjusted manually by the knobs on the device or automatically.

Maximum user-friendliness

The intuitive handling of the generator enables users to apply it quickly, safely and independently in the OR.

Audio impedance

The audio impedance enables the user to detect strong impedance changes. The current value of the tissue impedance is provided as a tone at a certain height to the user.

Different electrode configurations

  • Monopolar 1 channel
  • Bipolar 1 channel
  • Bipolar 1 channel sEEG via sEEG-Box


LG2-sEEG RF Lesion Generator

  • Stimulation: motor and sensory stimulation menu
  • Continuous radiofrequency: power-, temperature-controlled or step mode
  • Pulsed radiofrequency: temperature-, voltage-, pulse width-controlled


sEEG-Box for LG2-sEEG

  • 1 channel for sEEG electrodes with up to 18 contacts
  • 1 channel for research mode
  • Connection cables for sEEG electrodes from manufacturers DIXI and Alcis
  • sEEG simulator plug for test purposes


Quick and easy:



Main application areas LG2-sEEG:

  • sEEG thermocoagulation treatment
  • Stereotactic brain lesioning
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Further pain treatment procedures

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