Pain Treatment

Patients measure the success of medical treatment for pain mainly by one criterion: “Has my pain been relieved – or perhaps even completely disappeared?”  Patients want treatment with as little stress as possible.

inomed's range of products includes very low temperature technologies using cryo techniques (cryolesion C3 CryoSystem >>) and high temperature RF techniques (thermolesion LG Lesion Generators >>) to treat pain: inomed products work towards one purpose – minimum stress and maximum treatment success.

  • Cryotherapy – denervation for chronic pain >>

    C3 CryoSystem

    Cryotherapy, an effective minimally invasive method for pain relief.

  • Modern lesion generators for pain treatment and functional neurosurgery

    LG Lesion Generators

    The LG lesion generator series includes portable inomed radiofrequency (RF) lesion generators with attractive design, graphical touch-screen interface, remote control