MSV – MicroDrive for deep brain recording and stimulation

A mechanical masterpiece

This is the fourth generation of the sophisticated high-precision instrument used by surgeons and medical professionals around the world to position electrodes during stereotactic interventions and in deep brain stimulation.

The inomed MicroDrive was developed in cooperation with leading international practitioners and experts. The resulting standards and specifications set by the experts were extremely high. inomed has delivered on the specifications required and achieved mechanical precision delivering unique performance. The inomed MicroDrive is known to most specialists in the field and the device is favored for deep brain recording and stimulation applications.

Professionals and subject matter experts use the MicroDrive routinely. Using the inomed MicroDrive delivers the best possible neurophysiologically targeted diagnostics (deep brain recording and stimulation).

Modern imaging technology can identify physical structures of the brain, however, imaging modalities alone are not able to clearly and finitely identify target areas. In addition to this, target location can be affected by brain shift or indeed the functional target point may differ from the imaging results. For all of these reasons, microelectrode recording is used to further improve target point localization and precision. Precise localization, recording and stimulation are particularly important for DBS and neurmodulation procedures. For this entire spectrum of uses, the inomed MicroDrive is an indispensable tool. Correct application of the MicroDrive enables users to determine the optimum target point, for optimal treatment outcome in deep brain stimulation (DBS).

The universal nature of the MicroDrive design means that the inomed MicroDrive can be used with other Stereotactic systems and a wider range of users are able to benefit from the technology. With the addition of a suitable adaptor available from inomed, the MicroDrive can be used on all currently available stereotactic systems.

Functional neurosurgery requires more than just manual dexterity

Surgeon’s tools become an extension of his hands. The tools and technology used in the OR must work in perfect synchronization with the surgeon and be entirely reliable too. This is especially the case when positioning electrodes during a stereotactic procedure, such as deep brain stimulation (DBS).

The depth stops on the inomed MicroDrive ensure that fitting the electrodes and guide tubes incorrectly is not possible. The tactile feedback (‘click’) allows the neurosurgeon to ‘feel’ when a full turn of the MicroDrive spindle has been completed.

The inomed MicroDrive is able to position and deliver up to five electrodes for recording and stimulation for deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedures. The inomed MicroDrive has a resolution of 50 µm per division and allows the surgeon to position the electrodes accurately, with tactile feedback after each full turn.

With the addition of the optional depth sensor to the MicroDrive, the stereotactic position of the electrodes >> is automatically transferred to the ISIS MER system >> and is indicated on the screen and recorded as part of the patient recording process.


  • Implanting of DBS electrodes from Medtronic® , St. Jude® and Boston Scientific®
  • Positioning resolution of 50 µm
  • Tactile feedback after one complete turn (0.5mm)
  • Optional depth sensor available
  • Autoclavable


  • Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Recording and localization of the core area in the case of lesions
  • Micropositioning of other probes and electrodes

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