Product Innovation

ALM Technology for thyroid surgery

The innovative cutting-edge ALM technology for Advanced Laryngeal Monitoring >> combines the synergistic effects of individual key technologies, providing an intelligent end-to-end solution for the highest reliability in RLN monitoring.

  • ALM Tube
    The ALM Tube >> is the IOM accessory which provides the best possible EMG signal recording from the vocal cords. With 8 long measuring contacts and the easy placement of the recording electrode at the vocal cords, it offers optimal signal recording of the M. vocalis. Thanks to the 360° surface sensor coverage with 8 recording electrodes, the ALM Tube ensures ultimate signal stability.

  • C2 Channel Select Software
    The user-friendly Channel Select Software >> for the C2 NerveMonitor automatically selects and displays the optimal trace from the 4 channels of the ALM Tube. Even under poor signal conditions the innovative C2 software allows seamless and reliable detection of muscle responses.

  • C2 NerveMonitor
    Especially developed for intraoperative neuromonitoring in thyroid surgery, the C2 NerveMonitor >> displays all signals precisely - acoustically as well as visually

SDN electrodes

Subdermal needle electrodes (SDN electrodes) enable easy, reliable stimulation and the recording of quality EMG signals.
A variety of electrode shapes, colors and lengths are available to meet the complete range of typical clinical and monitoring requirements. The design shape of our electrodes ensures easy manipulation and allows quick and precise application.

> inomed Double Needle - reliable recording of electrophysiological signals

The subdermal double needles enable easy and reliable recording of electrophysiological signals and are especially developed for intraoperative monitoring of the motoric cranial nerves.

  • Reliable signal detection of motoric cranial nerves e.g. the facial nerve
  • Quick and precise application due to the placement of two recording needles at the same time thanks to one common handpiece
  • Reduction of application errors thanks to the pre-defined needle distance and parallel needle guidance during needle placement
  • Twisted cables for optimal signal quality
  • Available in convenient sets

> Trigon electrodes

The design comprises a thin 2 mm geometry with a shape that is easy to handle. The unique geometry with a 30° angled needle and flat handle facilitates atraumatic electrode application and fixation.

> Paediatric electrodes

Small electrode sizes between 6 and 12 mm allow for accurate placement with minimal invasive intervention.

> FSR02

Flexible recording and stimulation electrode for temporary application at the spinal cord.
The electrode is used to record D-waves and I-waves and to stimulate the spinal cord for electrical intraoperative function control. Additionally, the electrode can be used for prognosis of the postoperative spinal cord function in the fields of neurosurgery, spinal surgery and vascular surgery.

C2 Spine Software

Neuromonitoring for spine surgery - simpler than ever before

With the C2 Spine Software inomed presents for the first time software for the C2 NerveMonitor which is optimized for spinal neuromonitoring >>.

The C2 Spine Software combines effective neuromonitoring in spine surgery with the simple, intuitive operation of the proven neuromonitoring device.

The C2 Spine software guides the user through the program via a few simple steps, to swiftly start monitoring. Due to the color-coded accessories and the corresponding guidance via the software, electrode placement is easy.

  • Integrated twitch test for TOF monitoring, which is used for automatically testing the possible pharmacological relaxation status of the patients’ muscles
  • Continous monitoring of the muscle activity with optical and acoustical alarm function
  • Pediclescrew stimulation automatically determines the respective threshold value and gives an indication of the pedicle screw position

Mapping Suction Probe by Raabe

An all-in-one disposable surgical suction tube and stimulation probe

  • Subcortical mapping with synchronous suction
  • Simplified maximal tumor resection
  • No change of instruments during the procedure

The combination of a surgical suction tube and a stimulation probe allows suction during tumor resection and also enables the simultaneous continuous dynamic mapping of the corticospinal tract.

The Mapping Suction Probe by Raabe was developed by inomed in cooperation with Prof. Raabe M.D. (Inselspital Bern/Switzerland).

Complicated instrument change from suction to stimulation is not necessary. Use of the suction stimulation probe makes it possible to achieve maximal tumor removal minimizing the possibility of damage to the corticospinal tract.

The suction stimulation probe can be connected to commonly used suction devices. There is no difference in settings but all the advantages of combined suction and stimulation from a single device.

In 2016 >> the Mapping Suction Probe by Raabe has been awarded as winner of the German Industry Award „Industriepreis 2016in the Medical Technology category.

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