Stereotactic biopsy for the brain

inomed delivers the best instrument for every biopsy requirements

When the diagnosis of a brain tumor is uncertain, a stereotactic biopsy can provide clarity and confidence. To ensure that such clarity and confidence is delivered during a biopsy, inomed offers a sophisticated set of biopsy instruments for intra-operative stereotactic surgery >>.

From an evidence-based perspective, histopathological diagnosis of a brain tumor is the method with the highest accuracy rate for classifying a tumor. In this sense, stereotactic biopsy is the best method of treatment, especially for smaller and more deeply-seated lesions. This is considered to be the best way to classify a lesion accurately, and only this way can each and every patient receive the optimal treatment for their specific disease.

Working lengths for every application

Depending on the application and the requirements of its intended use, inomed biopsy sets offer a range of working lengths. Biopsy sets are selected to suit the stereotactic system that is being used. This means all systems with internationally established stereotactic working lengths, i.e. both 190 mm and 280 mm, can use inomed stereotactic instruments.

Planning a stereotactic biopsy can be performed with the inomed planning software (iPS): inomed's software supports current methods for target point definition, visually, functionally and metabolically. Due to the high quality of inomed’s biopsy instruments, users are able to work precisely at the point from where tissue is to be removed. The inomed target point simulator helps to validate the design and verify the exact calibration of the instruments used.

Safety and precision during the biopsy

inomed provides a safe process within the framework of planning and implementing a stereotactic biopsy for the brain. Using the unique inomed target point simulator, inomed is uniquely positioned to offer the highest levels of precision in the field of stereotactic biopsy. inomed continues to set standards for accuracy and precision.

The inomed portfolio comprises all current types of biopsy instruments, including forceps and probes (Sedan-type and Backlund).

Depending on personal preference or clinical requirements, disposable products and reusable products are also available. The sets include guide tubes and, if necessary, Mandarin and sterilization boxes.


  • Available as single-use or reusable instruments
  • Available as forceps, probe or needle
  • Working length 190 mm or 280 mm


  • Controlled removal of tissue in the brain (biopsy)

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