LG Lesion Generators

Modern lesion generators for pain treatment and functional neurosurgery

The LG lesion generator series includes portable inomed radiofrequency (RF) lesion generators with attractive design, graphical touch-screen interface, remote control and many other features.

  • LG1 Lesion Generator

    LG1 Lesion Generator

    The new LG1: Intuitive lesion generator for thermocoagulation in the field of pain treatment and neurosurgery

  • LG2 Lesion Generator

    LG2 Lesion Generator

    State-of-the-art generator for pain treatment and functional neurosurgery

RF lesion generators with comprehensive features for precise thermocoagulations

The LG lesion generator series consists of state-of-the-art, portable RF lesion generators for all common lesion techniques (continuous RF and pulsed RF with multiple control modes) in pain treatment and functional neurosurgery. All critical application parameters are permanently monitored by the device, ensuring maximum safety and ease of use during thermocoagulation.

The temperature control of the RF lesion generators allows the performance of controllable thermocoagulations. The volume of the lesion is defined by the diameter of the cannula, the size of the active tip and by the target temperature, making it reproducible. A temperature sensor built into the tip of the TC electrode continuously measures the temperature occurring in the tissue. The RF lesion generators can perform continuous RF outputs in a temperature- or power-controlled mode or via a preset temperature profile. They can also be used in pulsed RF mode with temperature, pulse duration or voltage selection.

Integrated electrical stimulation and impedance measurement

In addition to thermocoagulation, the localisation and differentiation of sensory and motor nerves is possible. Electrical stimulation is used for even more precise electrode positioning. With the RF lesion generators, thermocoagulation, electrical stimulation and impedance measurement can be performed quickly, precisely and safely.

Thermocoagulation procedures for reduction of chronic pain

Interventional pain treatment uses minimally invasive interventions aimed at permanently reducing chronic pain by selectively interrupting or altering the conduction of pain in the affected nerve pathways. This is done either using targeted medication injections or by interrupting pain conduction using minimally invasive neurodestructive procedures - thermocoagulation or cryolesion.

Chronic pain, >> e.g. in facet joint syndrome, can be treated extremely precise, effective and safe by thermocoagulation if the indication is set properly.


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