IOM Accessories

A complete connection concept from needle electrodes to adapter box

inomed stimulation and recording accessories have been specifically developed to meet intraoperative applications.

Our accessories portfolio includes stimulation probes and electrodes (e.g. subdermal needle electrodes) for stimulation and recording. These are complimented by color-coded adapter boxes and connecting cables in a wide range of lengths.

Electrodes for stimulation and recording

In addition to their use in relation to signal recording, electrodes, including needle electrodes, can also be used for stimulating nerve and muscle tissue. Application-specific electrodes with a range of different geometries have been optimized for use with a range of multimodality applications (surface and needle electrodes). All electrodes, including needle electrodes, can be used for all measurement modalities (AEP, EEG, EMG, MEP, SEP, VEP >>) in a multimodal neuromonitoring application. All electrodes also feature a 1.5 mm safety connector and are compatible with a variety of connection schemes on other manufacturer systems.

Subdermal needle electrodes (SDN electrodes)

The subdermal needle electrodes available from inomed provide an easy and reliable patient connection to enable the high-quality recording of electrophysiological signals. These electrodes can also be used for the electrical stimulation of nerve and muscle tissue. Subdermal needle electrodes are also available in the form of corkscrew electrodes, hookwire electrodes, hook electrodes and short needle electrodes for pediatric applications. In addition, the range offers various bipolar needle electrodes, including electrodes for vocalis and oculomotor nerve recording.

The Trigon SDN electrode is a special form factor subdermal needle electrode. As a result of its extremely thin geometry and 30° angle to the needle, the special hand-piece on the Trigon enables an easy to manipulate atraumatic fixation. All needle electrodes are available with different needle and cable lengths, as well as different color combinations.

D-wave electrode

The inomed D-wave electrode is a bipolar flexible drainage and stimulation electrode. It can be used for recording both D- and I-waves. The D-wave electrode can also be used to stimulate the spinal cord and enables electrical intraoperative functional testing during the procedure. In addition, this flexible electrode is also used in the postoperative prognosis of spinal cord function in neurosurgery, spinal surgery and vascular surgery.

Strip and grid electrodes (including needle electrodes)

inomed strip and grid electrodes are typically used for reverse-phase SEPs, direct cortical stimulation – bipolar or monopolar against a counter electrode (e.g. needle electrodes). In addition, these electrodes can also be used for epilepsy surgery. The electrodes are available in a range of designs with 4, 6 or 8 contacts per strip. The strips are combined in a range of configurations to deliver grinds of differing numbers of electrodes.

Stimulation probes (including needle electrodes)

Hand-held stimulation probes are used for electrical stimulation of nerves and neural structures. When used in conjunction with needle electrodes, probes and electrodes can be used to record electrophysiological signals. A wide variety of bayonet-shaped probes are available from our product range. These products help ensure that working under the microscope remains unobstructed and easier for the surgeon. The probes are sterilized with ETO and have a cable with length of 3 m, leading to a standard safety plug for connection to a full range of stimulation outputs and headboxes. All monopolar probe packages include a needle electrode used as a ground electrode. Reusable probes are connected to the systems via a 4-meter probe cable.

Bipolar stimulation probes

Bipolar probes are available in the following form factors; bipolar concentric probes, fork sensors and hook probes. In order to accommodate the various application requirements from direct cortical stimulation to stimulation and recording of direct nerve action potentials (NAPs), bipolar probes can be delivered in a variety of geometries.

Monopolar stimulation probes

Monopolar stimulation probes are primarily used for motor mapping and muscle stimulation in spinal surgery and pedicle screw stimulation. The probes have an active electrode (the probe) and a counter electrode (ground), which is placed outside the stimulation region. The counter electrode can be in the form of a needle electrode or stick-on pad electrodes.

VEP goggles

inomed offers a range of a VEP stimulators that can be used for intraoperative stimulation of the visual pathways. With two independent LED pads, disturbing immobilizing elements are not necessary. The recording of electro-physiological signals takes place on the primary visual cortex and can be carried out using surface electrodes, as well as subdermal needle electrodes.

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