The inomed ISIS Microelectrode Recording (MER) system

inomed ISIS MER - The most compact and intuitive MER system available

Deep brain recording and stimulation or extracellular recording in other regions of the brain is potentially a high-risk intervention requiring a precise and systematic approach. The ISIS MER system is a self-contained, microelectrode recording system that provides all of the hardware and software elements necessary for targeted measurement in MER and neuromodulation >>  techniques. The ISIS MER system can be configured for a wide range of applications and is designed to be easy and intuitive to use.

ISIS MER System: Modularity in neurosurgery

The portable ISIS MER system comprises all the equipment the neurosurgeon will need in one box: ISIS MER USB Headbox module for microelectrode recording and ISIS EMG USB Headbox module for electromyography. The system includes a high specification Notebook computer and medical grade power supply. The MER system carry case includes space for the high-precision inomed MicroDrive and sterilization box. The ISIS MER system also includes a small yet powerful and portable workstation for the OR.

Within the cart configuration, the system also includes a wide-screen monitor with an easy-to-clean surface and optional touchscreen operation. A high-performance speaker system and laser printer complete the cart configuration. The cart also benefits from additional space for accessories.

The intuitive interface of the ISIS MER Headbox ensures that both the surgeon and the operator of the MER system can see the electrode depth at all times throughout the procedure. This is critical to target localization during deep brain stimulation or when measuring local field potentials. Easy access to this information is also vital to ensuring accurate and safe procedures.

Hightech Systems combine to deliver the ultimate MER

The ISIS MER system has an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface. This means that the surgeon and the MER operator can focus on the procedure and patient during the critical recording and stimulation phases of the procedure.

System integration with the inomed MicroDrive >> and the micro-macro electrodes delivers seamless performance. The design is stunningly simple. This means that only one plug-in connection is required per electrode. Switching between recoding and stimulation for a given electrode/channel is very simple – internal computer-controlled switching means there is no need to swap cables from recording to stimulation. All raw signal information is recorded for each channel used and signal filtering is an online function of the software. This results in the complete signal spectrum being recorded and available for post-operative investigation and intra-operative display.


  • 5 MER channels for recording and stimulation
  • Up to 16 EMG channels
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Upgradeable with additional functions and additional ISIS USB headboxes
  • High-quality loudspeakers
  • Online analysis functions
  • Depth sensor for electrode position display


  • Target localization for extracellular recording and deep brain stimulation
  • Recording and localization of the core area in case of lesions

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