Functional neurosurgery and stereotaxis


  • LG2-sEEG for treatment with RF thermocoagulation via sEEG electrodes

    LG2-sEEG Lesion Generator

    LG2-sEEG for RF thermocoagulation of patients with drug-resistant epilepsy sEEG

  • Proven iPS planning software for DBS and much more >>


    High quality with fine resolution define the iPS planning software from inomed. Areas of application include stereotactic interventions, such as DBS.

  • inomed systems for stereotaxis – a long tradition >>

    Stereotactic Systems

    inomed delivers highly accurate, precise stereotactic products

  • The inomed ISIS MER system sets standards, both on a large and small scale. >>

    ISIS MER System

    inomed uses the world's smallest multi-channel neurostimulator in its MER system. Use the additional modular micro module to record and analyze the complex local field potentials.

  • inomed MSV – the No. 1 for Deep Brain Stimulation >>


    Experience inomed's precision masterpiece for targeting "deep brain stimulation" – the inomed MicroDrive

  • Biopsy instruments from inomed >>


    inomed produces a range of instruments, including forceps, probes and needles for brain biopsy

Stereotactic and functional intervention in the field of neurosurgery

Functional and stereotactic neurosurgery is developing minimally invasive surgical procedures that make very complex treatments and interventions on the human brain possible. The implantation of a brain pacemaker, often the last chance of reducing the symptoms for people suffering from Parkinson's disease in an advanced stage, would be unthinkable without stereotactic devices and applications.

We at inomed are proud to be among the pioneers in this discipline. Our stereotactic systems >> in the field of neurosurgery are among the world's most widely used precision tools. Our systems date back to the early days of stereotactics and are used on all five continents. Through a consistent and continuous strategy of innovation that always focuses on collaboration with leading clinicians in the field of neurosurgery, we now have a unique product portfolio in functional and stereotactic neurosurgery. As a part of this drive to innovate, inomed has developed the world's smallest multi-channel neurostimulator, setting new standards in the market.      

Minimally invasive - maximum success

One of the goals of functional and stereotactic neurosurgery is to leave minimal traces of intervention. Products from inomed play a major role in this process. Our products are used in minimally invasive procedures in the human brain to prevent any unwanted trauma or side effects for patients. From diagnosis to stereotactic planning, from intervention to helping deliver better outcomes – leadership in functional neurosurgery has an established and trusted name: inomed

Interventions with the highest precision in neurosurgery

A thorough diagnosis is the top priority for functional neurosurgery and forms the basis for all additional therapies. Cranial interventions can be calculated precisely thanks to inomed’s state-of-the-art imaging procedures and transferred to a stereotactic device. Additional histopathological diagnoses allow for stereotactic tumor biopsy, the micro-electrode is used to derive neurophysiological target diagnostics, and RF thermolesion makes it possible to inhibit target points precisely.

We offer a complete system for microrecording during stereotactic interventions. Starting with the planning software and stereotactic systems, through to the MicroDrive and lesion generator, as well as the precision electrodes to stimulate, record and lesion – the entire up-to-date technical portfolio for functional neurosurgery.