ALM – Advanced Laryngeal Monitoring

High-tech technology for advanced signal recording in thyroid surgery

C2 Channel Select Software for ultimate reliability

The innovative and user-friendly Channel Select Software, especially developed for the C2 Xplore and application in thyroid surgery >>, automatically selects the optimal trace from the 4 channels of the ALM Tube and displays the strongest signal. This allows a seamless and reliable detection of muscle responses even under poor signal conditions.

8 contacts – 4 channels – 1 best signal

The ALM Tube (IOM accessories for thyroid surgery >>) is a multifunctional combination of a clear PVC ET tube and a surface electrode, together providing the best possible EMG signal recording from the vocal cords. Thanks to the easy placement of the recording electrode at the vocal cords and the extended length of the 8 sensor pads, the ALM Tube offers signal recording of the M. vocalis during intraoperative neuromonitoring in thyroid surgery. With the unique ALM® technology for IONM, the C2 Xplore offers signal quality by automatic selection of the optimal channel from the 8 measuring contacts and provides rotation stability through the use of 360° deflection surface.

All signals are displayed acoustically and visually via the C2 Xplore (IOM system for thyroid surgery >>). The C2 Xplore is known as a smart specialist for various surgical applications, and is the result of inomed‘s several years of experience and intensive research in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring.

Synergistic effects combined to one high-tech technology

Using the ALM technology, the users benefit from the synergistic effects of individual key technologies. The ALM Tube, C2 Xplore, and the C2 Channel Select Software build an intelligent end-to-end solution, ensuring efficient application in thyroid surgery, especially during RLN monitoring.

Together with more than 25 years of expertise, ALM represents the most innovative cutting-edge technology for advanced signal recording and reliability in thyroid surgery to date.



  • Efficient end-to-end solution for ultimate reliability in IOM for thyroid surgery
  • ALM Tube – tube for EMG signal recording with 360° surface sensor coverage and 8 long recording electrodes
  • C2 Channel Select - software module for C2 Xplore for automatic selection of the optimal signal
  • C2 Xplore - available as four or eight channel EMG monitor


  • Thyroid surgery