• ISIS Xpert

    ISIS Xpert

    Maximum flexibility for sophisticated neuromonitoring.

    ISIS Xpert

  • C2 Xplore

    C2 Xplore

    One step ahead in IONM

    C2 Xplore

  • C2 NerveMonitor

    C2 NerveMonitor

    Specialist for a versatile application in the OR.

    C2 NerveMonitor

  • NeuroExplorer 2019

    NeuroExplorer 2019

    For sophisticated monitoring - The neuromonitoring software NEX2019

    NeuroExplorer 2019

  • ISIS Neurostimulator

    ISIS Neurostimulator

    Artefact-free recording through stimulator design.

    ISIS Neurostimulator

  1. ISIS Xpert

  2. C2 Xplore

  3. C2 NerveMonitor

  4. NeuroExplorer 2019

  5. ISIS Neurostimulator

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring - Improving surgical safety and efficacy

The term intraoperative neuromonitoring (IOM) refers to the monitoring of neurophysiological functions of the central and peripheral nervous system during surgical procedures.

Modern medicine demands the highest quality and best possible results. Intraoperative neuromonitoring is used in various surgical disciplines to ensure the integrity of neuronal tissue and thus serves the surgeon as a suitable tool to better maintain motor and sensory functions.

Intraoperative neuromonitoring has already become standard in many surgical fields. Make use of the continually evolving possibilities for successful surgery and satisfied patients.

  • ISIS Xpert - Measurement mode for MEPs and SEPs.

    ISIS Xpert

    The new generation of ISIS IOM systems can be used for all established monitoring modalities like EMG, MEP, SEP, EEG, AEP and VEP!

  • C2 Xplore - One step ahead IONM

    C2 Xplore

    The Digital Transformation in IONM offers with special software modules an efficient neuromonitoring in a variety of surgical application fields.

  • The new generation of IONM software

    NeuroExplorer 2019

    For demanding monitoring - The neuromonitoring software NEX2019!

  • ISIS Neurostimulator for neurostimulation >>

    ISIS Neurostimulator

    Neurostimulation can be used for direct nerve stimulation or during neurosurgery to localize neural structures in advance of surgery. Availability of the neurostimulator during neuro surgery helps optimize surgical intervention and results in improved patient outcomes.

  • Information Neurophysiological Monitoring

    Information on neurophysiological monitoring: Functional monitoring of the nervous system to identify and prevent damage.

Continuous innovation and new fields of use

As a technology leader, we work with renowned experts worldwide on an extensive program of research and development to continuously create new fields of use and product innovations.

Start into the future of intraoperative neuromonitoring with inomed. Together with international IOM experts, we develop innovative procedures and products, such as:

A single provider

We offer complete intraoperative neuromonitoring solutions. Our extensive range of accessories >> combined with direct, personal contact and fast, on-site service anywhere in the world guarantee that you receive support you can rely on.

Our courses and workshops >> ensure that we provide a consistently high standard of service and quality.

Our products are used in the field of intraoperative neuromonitoring:


per year to increase the safety of patients and doctors.

Highest user-experience with maximum performance

Our systems for intraoperative neuromonitoring offer an increased application security through:

  • Clear surfaces,
  • Unique user guidance,
  • Quick learning,
  • Intuitive handling for beginner as well as experienced user

Thus, the application of our versatile systems for intraoperative neuromonitoring results in increased patient safety.

Developed and manufactured to German quality standards

With responsibility, attention to detail and a pioneering spirit, we manufacture our inomed products for you.

With the modern neuromonitoring systems of today's generation, we have succeeded in developing easy-to-use devices that support the user in the interpretation of signals and show visually and acoustically critical changes in the signal.