FLUOBEAM® LX - The ultimate camera for monitoring in parathyroid surgery

The FLUOBEAM® LX from FLUOPTICS® is a world novelty for fluorescence imaging in thyroid and parathyroid surgery >>.

To minimize the risk of parathyroid injury during thyroid surgery, the identification of the parathyroid glands is essential. With the FLUOBEAM® LX (dedicated for thyroid and parathyroid surgery) the surgeon has a precise instrument with optimal comfort in use.

The FLUOBEAM® LX is the first FDA-approved and CE certified imaging system for parathyroid autofluorescence in parathyroid surgery.

Camera for parathyroid detection by autofluorescence

The precise camera solution for parathyroid surgery allows identification of the parathyroid glands based on their autofluorescence: The camera head of the FLUOBEAM® LX contains a laser that emits light in the NIR (near infrared) range. At the same time the operating area is captured by the camera head of FLUOBEAM® LX and the light fluoresced by the parathyroid gland is displayed. This allows the parathyroid gland to be precisely located in the surgical area.

Easy handling and compatibility with ambient light in the operating room

Easy handling and optimized ergonomics in the form of a joystick make it easier for the surgeon to navigate and select software functions. The FLUOBEAM® LX also demonstrates reduced sensitivity to disturbing light from the light sources in the OR during its use. As a result, real-time visualization of the parathyroid glands is possible even without switching off the OR light completely. The operating flow remains unaffected to a large extent.

Imaging system with highest quality

Thanks to the hardware with a high refresh rate (25 FPS) for real-time display and a high depth of field (>5 cm) resulting from the powerful imaging software FLUOSOFT™ LX, the FLUOBEAM® LX provides optimal working conditions for the surgeon in the field of parathyroid surgery and enables easy interpretation of the images.

The FLUOBEAM® LX for localization as well as vascularization of the parathyroid glands in parathyroid surgery offers in combination with the C2 Xplore >> an innovative complete solution for highest reliability and safety in thyroid surgery.