Target point planning, biopsy and DBS

inomed planning software - iPS

Accurate and precise planning is essential for all forms of neurosurgery that require targeting structures in the brain. For example, targeting the STN for DBS procedures requires that the target is identified and a precise and accurate trajectory is defined for use with stereotactic devices >>. In order to achieve this, it is essential that a high-precision and easy-to-use planning tool is employed. The inomed iPS software is such a tool, enabling the clinician to easily assemble all of the necessary imaging modalities and create an optimum set of planning coordinates to target the area of interest.

State-of-the-art imaging techniques in combination with developments in the field of IT have led to breakthroughs in stereotactic and functional neurosurgery. These technologies have enabled accurate and tissue-sparing interventions in the human brain.  All the planning tasks are carried out by the inomed iPS planning system.  

Safe intervention during DBS requires precise planning

Before any surgical intervention, surgeons use the iPS from inomed to plan their access and target point coordinates for specific surgical interventions in the brain. The target defined may be verified prior to surgery using the inomed target point simulator.

What sets the IPS planning software apart is the high quality of its image manipulation tools and the methods and algorithms used to merge images together. If required, anatomical atlases can be projected onto the patient's own data. In turn, this allows verification based on anatomical principles and provides for safe intervention.

Seamless connection to IT systems

Interfacing with hospital imaging tools is a prerequisite for successful and effective operation in planning and stereotactic interventions. The inomed iPS software connects seamlessly to hospital-specific imaging equipment and IT structures. In addition, the iPS software supports a variety of different image formats, allowing for a wide range of applications. Once planning is complete, the resulting data is transferred to the stereotactic system, paving the way for an accurate and safe surgical intervention.

There is currently no other stereotactic planning software besides iPS that supports the wide range of different stereotactic systems on the market. Whether carried as a laptop or in stationary mode with a network connection, iPS provides reliable coordinates and helps ensure successful interventions.

Supporting all planning approaches

iPS supports all planning approaches, whether free-hand, functional, atlas-based or metabolically-oriented. In each case, various options are available that can complement each other to provide greater safety in interventions, such as DBS.

A powerful multi-level fusion algorithm allows the merging of digital and digitized image information, always preserving the exact patient geometry in the foreground, with simultaneous optimization of anatomical visibility and image quality. This forms the basis for a secure, high-risk intervention, such as DBS.

Additionally, post-operative imaging can, after an intervention such as DBS, be combined with pre-operative information so that complications can be excluded and the accuracy of the procedure verified.


  • PACS connectivity
  • DICOM import and export
  • Automatic image fusion
  • 3D simulation
  • Visualization of electrodes
  • Anatomical atlases
  • Supports all imaging systems
  • Post-operative checks


  • Stereotactic target planning
  • Biopsy planning
  • Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS)
  • SEEG planning

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