Unique software module for brachytherapy planning in brain tumor application

inomed Planning System with innovative features

The inomed Planning System iPS is the only CE certificated planning software on the market to implement stereotactic brachytherapy planning >> for brain tumor application.

The powerful software allows the user to carry out safe and precisely calculated brachytherapy planning and includes a wide range of features for the evaluation of the plan quality. Thanks to the clear and userfriendly software design, the user is intuitively guided through all the necessary steps of stereotactic brachytherapy planning.

Advanced tools for precise and target-oriented brachytherapy planning                

Due to the highly advanced Optimization Tool the dose distribution at the target volume can automatically be improved by modifying seeds strength and/or seeds position within the catheters.

The precise isoline drawings allow assurance of the irradiation effect on the target volume. The dose can be displayed at any point.

The included Statistic Function offers an automatic calculation of statistical parameters and the dose-volume histogram (DVH). Especially for quality assurance and documentation purposes in brachytherapy planning, this is a helpful and beneficial tool.

To evaluate possible target deviation in the catheter placement, post- or intraoperatively, as well as its influence on the resulting dose distribution, stereotactical X-Ray imaging of the patient can be fused. Postoperative evaluation is possible and if necessary, the dwell time can be adjusted according to the brachytherapy plan so the resulting prescribed dose optimally fits to the planned dose for the target volume.

Further properties of the brachytherapy planning software:

  • Brachytherapy plans and trajectories adjustable in different views
  • Automatic calculation of statistical parameters and dose-volume histogram (DVH)
  • Optimization tool allows the improvement of the dose distribution at the target volume
  • Precise isoline drawings and calculation of the gray dose at any defined point 
  • Calculations are based on the recommendations of the Working Group TG43
  • Print protocol of all trajectories and possible device settings
  • Supports most common ring based stereotactic devices
  • Supports most common seed types

The brachytherapy planning has been developed and clinically evaluated in cooperation with the Department for Stereotaxy and Functional Neurosurgery at the University Clinic of Cologne.

Parameter selection of the brachytherapy plan:

  • Seed type (overall 5 different seed types)
  • Number of seeds and seed distance used per trajectory
  • Seed strength at the implantation date
  • Dwell time and prescribed dose

Seed types supported by the Planning Software:

  • Bebig IsoSeed 125.S17 plus
  • Bebig IsoSeed 125.S17
  • Amersham 6702
  • Amersham 6711
  • Theragenics I Seed AgX100

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