NeuroExplorer 2019

For demanding monitoring - The neuromonitoring software NEX2019

>> Best signal stability due to optimized signal processing
Sets new standards in user-friendliness
Complete documentation of all procedures

The neuromonitoring software NEX2019 is available for all ISIS IOM systems: ISIS Xpert, ISIS Xpert plus and ISIS Xpress. >>

The modular structure offers maximum flexibility and can be expanded accordingly to individual requirements.


New software modalities of NeuroExplorer 2019 extend the application fields of neuromonitoring

pIOM® (pelvic intraoperative neuromonitoring)

The use of the pIOM® software modality allows vegetative nerve monitoring in the small pelvis.

This new technology >> has been patented by inomed throughout Germany.

Spine - Spinal Neuromonitoring:

The Spine Software Modality of NeuroExplorer 2019 offers automated stimulation and display functions in intuitively designed setup and measurement windows.

These are especially suitable for EMG monitoring during placement of pedicle screws and lateral accesses to the lumbar spine.

Automated control of the degree of relaxation via TOF

The TOF (Train-of-four) measurement enables a clear, color-coded representation of the TOF index during the procedure showing the level of muscle relaxation.

Channel Select function for monitoring thyroid interventions

The Channel Select function enables reliable recognition of muscle responses even with the smallest signals. The ALM (Advanced Laryngeal Monitoring) technology >> provides the highest security.

Multi-channel video

The NEX2019's multi-channel video module enables simultaneous display from up to four different video sources.

HL7 Ready

The HL7 interface offers optimized documentation by automatic transmission of patient data to the hospital network.*

*Not included in the standard package.

Proven technologies with new features for improved user guidance

With the development of the powerful NEX2019 software, reliable and efficient monitoring for optimum measurement results in operating theatres has been perfected.

The latest generation convinces with tried and tested features and impresses with new features in an improved, intuitive user guidance, ensuring a short period of training in the often stressful operating environment.

Features of NeuroExplorer 2019

  • Meets the latest GDPR requirements
  • New application-oriented software modalities
  • Intuitive operation
  • Optimized signal processing


  • Monitoring in neurosurgery
  • General & visceral surgery, e.g. EMG and pIOM®
  • Monitoring during thyroid gland surgery
  • Vascular surgery, e.g. SEP monitoring for carotid stenosis, monitoring during aortic aneurysm surgery
  • Orthopaedics and spine surgery, e.g. SEP and MEP
  • Cardiothoracic surgery, e.g. SEP and MEP

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