• Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

    Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

    Procedures that help preserve nerve function and the patient’s quality of life. IONM is the gold standard for a wide range of neurosurgical procedures.


  • Pain Treatment

    Pain Treatment

    Break the vicious cycle of chronic pain. Interventional pain therapy is minimally invasive but delivers fast and reliable results, as well as pain relief for patients.


  • Functional Neurosurgery

    Functional Neurosurgery

    From diagnosis to surgery and from surgery to therapy – functional neurosurgery products deliver gold standard precision and a complete range of diagnostic and treatment options.


  • Neurological Diagnostics

    Neurological Diagnostics

    Diseases affecting the nervous system often lead to serious and incurable impairment. An in-depth neurophysiological examination is crucial to diagnosis and the resulting treatment plan. A comprehensive range of diagnostic products are available from inomed.


  • Innovations


    inomed continues to develop new ideas and turn these into clinically useful biomedical products. Our aim is to simplify the application of technology; delivering improved outcomes for patients.


  1. Intraoperative Neuromonitoring (IONM)

  2. Pain Treatment

  3. Functional Neurosurgery

  4. Neurological Diagnostics

  5. Innovations

Welcome to inomed – A world-class medical device company

Biomedical technology – developed and manufactured in Germany: inomed is the first choice for medical specialists worldwide

Cost-effective clinical outcomes and patient safety are the highest priorities in today's healthcare environment. Biomedical technology companies play their part in helping to meet these priorities. There are many factors that can contribute to critical incidents in the routine operation of a hospital or clinical practice. This places complex demands on the state-of-the-art biomedical technology used in clinical environments. To prevent and minimize the possibility of critical incidents, the medical technology provider must adhere to the latest international standards for product design and manufacture. This approach is intended to deliver effective products that are safe and reliable. inomed, working with leading clinical innovation leaders around the world, delivers high-quality reliable products for routine clinical use.  Our approach to clinical product design delivers an easy to use product that enables the clinician to deliver effective patient diagnostics, monitoring (IONM) and treatment. We do this within safe technical parameters, minimising risk to the patient. Patient safety and successful outcomes are our priority.

inomed develops and manufactures state-of-the-art products and treatments in the fields of intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM), functional neurosurgery, pain treatment and neurological diagnostics.

State of the art: Biomedical technology from inomed

inomed has been developing medical technology products for more than 25 years. Our team of clinicians, technologists and product specialists bring together the very best clinical development and validation techniques to medical device technology we deliver to customers. The effort required to deliver useful clinical products includes a strong commitment to innovation and many years of clinical trials. Our team works on an interdisciplinary basis, where the focus is to meet the needs of the medical practitioner and produce medical technology products that deliver fast, accurate and reliable results.

Our ultimate goal is to help deliver safe and effective patient outcomes.

We conduct extensive research and development into new techniques and technologies – with the patient as our primary focus. This results in the mitigation of risk to patients and clinicians during the normal use of our products. Neurological investigation and intervention is a challenging field and has a long history. Our purpose is to help the clinician minimise negative outcomes and deliver improved patient care – resulting in improvements to the quality of life for patients. The technology and innovation from inomed has proved valuable and helped to set new milestones in the fields of diagnosis, surgical intervention and therapy. inomed is the choice when it comes to ensuring medical treatment is safe, progressive and effective.

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