C2 Xplore - One step ahead in IONM

With its powerful new processor, the C2 Xplore provides the optimum solution for efficient and safe intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM). >> As a further development of our C2 NerveMonitor, the C2 Xplore opens the door to digital transformation.

The digital solutions of the C2 Xplore offer increased comfort during surgery and post-operative evaluation. Data acquisition and analysis is simplified, surgical performance is optimised and treatment results are improved.


>> One step ahead in IONM

C2 Xplore – The trendsetting solution for digital transformation in IONM


>> The ultimate in usability by digitalisation

Simplification by digitalisation and automation with intuitive & integrated data management:

  1. Digital health record: simple and secure documentation during surgery. Supported by simplified data export and an integrated data base
  2. Automated and guided applications with an intuitive touch function: gesture-controlled comment function and step-by-step guidance for clarity
  3. Maximum user-friendliness with intuitive and clear display


>> Flexibility for cost-effectiveness - 1 Device - 6 Applications

1 device - 6 application fields:

  1. Software flexibility with up to 6 different applications in 1 device
    Ease-of-use: a range of applications yet just one Xplore
  2. Improved hardware with a sustainable concept, proven and rested for more than 10 years.

Application fields:
Thyroid Sugery, ENT Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Rectal Surgery, Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery


>> Maximum interconnection - Faciliated data export

Native OR integration

  1. Digital integration in the OR
    Data export by WiFi to the clinic network by HL7, GDT or pdf export with postScript printer
  2. Presence in the OR: connection to various screens or wireless with every tablet on the market
  3. InoView V2 connection to any (Android and iOS) tablet, to suit all personal preferences
  4. Control comments and settings outside the sterile area with inoView V2
  5. LED Scanner for super-fast data acquisition
  6. Reports printed immediately there and then or on network printers
  7. Not only the nerve is safe: no data ever lost thanks to the large internal storage


>> Connectivity - Inside and outside the OR

Amplify your research and networking

  1. Join the international network of inomed users to share work and cooperation
  2. Evaluate surgery with the Xplore´s dedicated analysis function


>> Support at your fingertips

More confidence through immediate support

  1. Remote support for instant help and diagnosis in the OR


>> IONM exchange - Broaden your knowledge and connect with international experts

Broad mix of offline and online education for maximum efficacy

  1. Online webinars and training with other users to further IONM knowledge
  2. OR visits for cutting-edge technology


1 device - 6 application fields

Thyroid Surgery >>
To locate and monitor the vagus nerve and its descending nerve branch, the laryngeal recurrens nerve

ENT Surgery >>
To locate and monitor the facial nerve and the associated functional maintenance of the facial musculature for facial expression

Spine Surgery >> 
Automatic detection of pedicle perforation and thus support in vertebral fusions

Colorectal surgery >>
To protect the nerves in the lesser pelvis and maintain urinary function, continence and sexual function

Carotid surgery >>
For prompt detection during carotidendarectomies

Brain mapping >>
For facilitated localisation of functional nerves


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