C2 Xtend - Specialised for cortical applications

Advanced Brain Mapping for safe tumour resection in neurosurgery

Precision and safety are the highest priority in the resection of brain tumours. Interventions in neurosurgery are among the most complex surgical procedures since important neuronal structures are located close to the operating field.

The so-called ‘Mapping’ - the localisation of functional areas - is of central importance in the field of neurosurgery >> for the focused and sparing removal of gliomas and other cerebral tumours. This technique allows localising language-relevant and motor regions, while subsequent continuous monitoring enables gentle resection of tumours.

Proven C2 concept with extended functions

Based on the reputable concept of the C2 NerveMonitor, the C2 Xtend was perfected for cortical use. Particularly notable is the specially developed software for neurosurgery, which provides a simple and intuitive user interface with dedicated parameters specifically adapted for cortical stimulation.

C2 Software modules for other surgical disciplines

With the upgrade to all other  C2 NerveMonitor applications >> the C2 Xtend offers versatile application options and opens up access to a wide range of surgical disciplines and needs, not only in neurosurgery.

In addition to its diverse features on the surgical level, the C2 Xtend offers user-oriented add-ons such as a barcode scanner, allowing fast input of patient data, an integrated database to store data, and an automated impedance control, ensuring a trouble-free operation.


  • Specially developed C2 SEP software for cortical mapping in neurosurgery
  • Easy handling
  • Clear display of the EMG signals
  • Stimulation parameters for all cortical stimulations - biphasic pulse form and train stimulation
  • Barcode scanner for storage of patient data
  • Integrated database


  • Direct cortical stimulation
  • Speech mapping
  • Motor mapping
  • Mapping of cranial nerves

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