pIOM® technology with particular relevance for rectal surgery

Specially developed C2 pIOM® software for pelvic nerve protection

With the upgrade to the C2 pIOM® software, the C2 NerveMonitor has added a further discipline to its range of uses for surgeons. Pelvic neuromonitoring >> can be efficiently performed with the patented pIOM® technology from inomed and is of high significance for neuroprotection in surgical interventionsof the pelvis minor and in rectal surgery. 

Well-proven software concept – extended application

The C2 NerveMonitor and its well-proven C2 software concept stand for user friendliness and high signal quality. In the development of pIOM® software and the other software modules for example SEP, these criteria were optimised and combined with specific functions for the corresponding use. With the new pIOM® software for the C2 NerveMonitor and the pIOM® accessories >> matched to the software, inomed offers a complete solution for efficient pelvic neuromonitoring.  

Step by step through the Operation thanks to Wizard structure

The greatest advantage for the user is the software navigation which thanks to the Wizard structure allows easy use of the pIOM®. The surgeon is guided by the software, starting with the input of the patient data, through the pressure sensor placement, the electrode placement (needle and rectal electrode) and the measurement up to the report. The Wizard structure guarantees error-free application, making pelvic neuromonitoring an efficient method of neuromonitoring in rectal surgery.

Continuous monitoring of anorectal function

The anorectal function is continuously monitored in the measurement mode. For this purpose, electrodes are placed in the internal and external anal sphincter muscle. Alternatively, a non-invasive rectal electrode can be used for ease of application. 

Monitoring of the urinary function is performed with the aid of a pressure sensor, which is placed as a complete connection set between the bladder catheter and the urine bag. The stimulation of the pelvic nerves is performed by using a manual probe specially developed for this purpose. It is used by the surgeon for localisation of the individual nerve branches and their functional monitoring.

If such activity occurs, the surgeon will be notified immediately optically and acoustically.

The optical signal is given in the form of independent specific colour bars, depending on the event. At the same time, a continuous acoustic signal indicates the stimulation.

All muscle responses and comments are stored automatically by the C2 pIOM® software and listed in the later report. This documentation allows the surgeon to review every stimulation response of the intervention in rectal surgery at any time and retrospectively.


  • Specially developed C2 pIOM® software for the rectal surgery
  • Ease of use for Operating Room staff
  • Clear presentation of the muscle response in the form of EMG waveforms
  • Comprehensive pIOM® accessories

The main application areas of the C2 NerveMonitor are:


  • Rectal surgery

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