inomed’s Neuromonitoring for spine surgery - simpler than ever before

With the C2 Spine Software inomed presents for the first time software for the C2 NerveMonitor which is optimized for spinal neuromonitoring.

The C2 Spine Software combines effective neuromonitoring in spine surgery with the simple, intuitive operation of the proven neuromonitoring device. The operational benefits for the users are wide-ranging.

Faster start-up for monitoring in just a few steps

The C2 Spine software guides the user through the program via a few simple steps, to swiftly start monitoring. In this way, neuromonitoring in spine surgery becomes straightforward standard practice.
The patient, and surgical data simply need to be entered, and the operation level is selected with a single click. Due to the color-coded accessories and the corresponding guidance via the software, electrode placement is easy.

Automatic control of the pharmacological relaxation status

A highlight of the software version 3.0 is the twitch test for TOF monitoring. It is used for automatically testing the possible pharmacological relaxation status of the patients’ muscles and is essential for the smooth recording of the signals.

As soon as the twitch test is completed it is possible to begin measurement, which enables the testing of the integrity of the pedicles in less than a second. The stable signals – which are simultaneously visualized in a comprehensible display – provide effective monitoring at the pedicle screws, at a glance.

The software automatically saves all responses and muscle stimulation thresholds in a document for subsequent reporting. This allows the verification of any stimulation responses, even retrospectively.