Our cooperation partner FLUOPTICS©

Leader in fluorescence imaging for thyroid surgery

Founded in 2009 in Grenoble, France, FLUOPTICS© has become an expert and European market leader in the field of fluorescence imaging in thyroid surgery >>.

FLUOPTICS© solutions combine a fluorescent marker and an imaging system to visualize physiological and biological phenomena not visible to the naked eye in real time during surgery. Surgeons are thus guided with the greatest precision and maximum efficiency and safety are the result of surgical interventions.

The high-precision FLUOPTICS© technologies are the result of 10 years of research and development by an international clinical team in order to respond to the needs and health challenges of patients to the maximum extent possible.

FLUOPTICS© technologies are currently used in 22 countries worldwide in 30,000 operations.

Novelty in the inomed portfolio

Since 02/2020 the FLUOBEAM® LX >> for the localisation and vascularisation of the parathyroid glands completes inomed's portfolio. With the fluorescence imaging method of FLUOPTICS© and the specially developed C2 Xplore >> inomed provides a complete solution for precise and safe thyroid surgery.

inomed distributes the FLUOBEAM® LX from FLUOPTICS© exclusively in Germany, as well as in Poland, Great Britain, Ireland and Italy.

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