RF Thermolesion with the LG2 Lesion generator

Modern device for pain treatment and brain lesion

The LG2 is the new, portable radiofrequency (RF) lesion generator from inomed with attractive design, graphical touchscreen user interface, remote control, and a lot more.

The two-channel RF lesion generator supports a large variety of instruments for pain and brain applications. Suitable TC-Electrodes and cannulas >> complement the product range of inomed for pain treatment. TC Brain-Electrodes round off the product range for the application in functional neurosurgery.

Lesion generator with comprehensive features for precise thermolesion

The LG2 lesion generator is a modern and portable lesion generator for all common lesion techniques (continuous RF and pulsed RF with different control modes) in pain treatment and functional neurosurgery. All critical application parameters are permanently monitored by the device, thereby providing maximum safety and comfort for both the user and patient during thermolesioning.

All inomed mono- and bipolar TC electrodes can be used with the LG2 lesion generator. The LG2 includes two independent RF channels, which can be used at the same time. The combination of two monopolar electrodes for a bipolar application is possible.

The temperature control of the LG2 lesion generator allows to perform controlled thermal lesions. The volume of the thermolesion will be determined by the cannula diameter, the size of the active tip, and the target temperature and therefore becomes reproducible. An integrated temperature sensor in the tip of the TC electrode is used to monitor the temperature in the tissue. The LG2 lesion generator features continuous RF application with temperature control and temperature step profile or pulsed RF application with control of temperature, pulse duration or voltage.

Integrated electrical stimulation and impedance

In addition to RF application, localisation and differentiation of sensory and motor nerves with electrical stimulation, for even more precise electrode positioning is possible. With the LG2 lesion generator, thermolesion, electric stimulation, and impedances can be performed quickly, precisely and safely.


RF Thermolesion for reduction of chronic pain

Interventional pain therapy uses minimally invasive procedures such as thermolesion or cryotherapy with the aim of achieving a prolonged reduction of chronic pain through selective disruption or modification of the pain pathways of the affected nerves. This is carried out either by targeted drug injections or the interruption of pain transmission by minimally invasive neurodestructive procedures (e.g. thermolesion).

As an example, chronic pain >> within facet joint syndrome can be treated accurately, effectively, and safely with the proper indications using radiofrequency thermolesion.



Quick and easy:


Features of LG2 Lesion generator

  • Continuous RF in two different modes: Temperature or Preset Temperature-Profile
  • Pulsed RF in three different modes: Temperature, Pulse Duration, or Voltage
  • Direct Nerve Stimulation for the localisation of motor and sensory nerves
  • Continuous Temperature and Impedance Monitoring
  • Neutral Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring (NEM)
  • Saving of up to 25 pre-set programs
  • Touchscreen monitor to manage the intuitive workflow
  • Digital display of all relevant application parameters
  • Remote control to operate the device from sterile field
  • Compact and light-weight system design
  • Compatible with all inomed TC electrodes for pain and brain application



Application fields of RF Thermolesion

  • Facet denervation of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
  • Sacroiliac joint
  • Trigeminal neuralgia (Thermolesion of Ganglion Gasseri)

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