Thermocoagulation using the LG1 Lesion Generator

The new LG1: Intuitive Lesion Generator for thermocoagulation in the field of pain treatment and neurosurgery

One of the new devices of the inomed RF Lesion Generator series: the LG1 Lesion Generator. The device is used in various applications of pain therapy and neurosurgery.


Highest safety, precision and comfort for pain treatment and brain lesioning

The single channel RF Lesion Generator can be used in different modes and with different instruments: for all common pain applications and brain lesioning in temperature or power-controlled mode. Mono- and bipolar Pain and Brain electrodes can be connected to the single front panel socket.


Intuitive operation in various applications

The LG1 is certified for pain- and brain applications.

Maximum user-friendliness

The intuitive handling of the generator enables users to apply it quickly, safely and independently in the OR.

Audio impedance

The audio impedance enables the user to detect strong impedance changes. The current value of the tissue impedance is provided as a sound at a certain height to the user.

Different electrode configurations

  • Monopolar 1 channel
  • Bipolar 1 channel

Neutral Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring (NEM)

The NEM function of the RF Lesion Generator graphically displays the contact status of the neutral surface electrode to the user.


Quick and easy:




Features of the LG1 Lesion Generator

  • Continuous RF in three different modes: temperature, preset temperature-profile or power-controlled mode
  • Pulsed RF in three different modes: temperature, pulse duration or voltage
  • Direct nerve stimulation for the localisation of motor and sensory nerves
  • Continuous temperature and impedance monitoring
  • Neutral Electrode Contact Quality Monitoring (NEM)
  • Saving of up to 30 preset programs
  • Touchscreen monitor to manage the intuitive workflow
  • Audio impedance
  • Digital display of all relevant application parameters
  • Remote control to operate the device from sterile field
  • Compact and light-weight system design
  • Compatible with all inomed TC electrodes for pain and brain applications



Main application areas of the LG1

  • Facet joint denervation in the field of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
  • Sacroiliac joint
  • Trigeminal neuralgia (thermocoagulation of the ganglion gasseri)
  • Further pain applications

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