C2 Xplore – Optimised results by intuitive guidance in spinal monitoring

Spinal monitoring during pedicle screw placement with the C2 Xplore

The positioning of pedicle screws can lead to perforation of the pedicle wall, jeopardising the integrity of the surrounding spinal nerves.

Spinal monitoring with the C2 Xplore

With its special C2 Spine software, colour-coded accessories and needle-positioning instructions, the C2 Xplore helps to ensure efficient neuromonitoring during spinal column surgery in posterior cervical, lumbar interbody fusions and lateral approaches.

Whether open or minimally invasive procedures, with the C2 Spine system, surgical preparation is quick and easy. The wizard-based Spine software provides intuitive user guidance through the whole procedure.

Neuromonitoring as a standard procedure in spinal column surgery

The software and accessories have consistent colour-coding as well as information for the positioning of the measuring electrodes, facilitating needle positioning and wiring. 
With this needle positioning and wiring assistance, neuromonitoring by pedicle stimulation is a simple standard procedure in spinal column surgery.

To check the pharmacological relaxation status of the patient's muscles, an integrated Twitch Test (TOF test) is included in the software. This ensures that no muscle relaxants remain during spinal surgery and no false-negative results are obtained.

While the software is in measurement mode, pedicle screw stimulation allows the automatic recognition of the relevant stimulation threshold. Here, an EMG signal is measured, providing information about the integrity of the pedicle. This crucial information for spinal column surgery is provided and displayed quickly and easily.

Step-by-step guidance for efficient spinal monitoring


Features of spinal monitoring

  • Clear view of EMG signals
  • Specially developed wizard software for easy-to-use spinal monitoring
  • Automated relaxation monitoring
  • Continuous and automated impedance measurement of recording electrodes
  • 2D LED scanner for patient data
  • Integrated database
  • Colour-coded accessories

Main application areas of the C2 Xplore:

Applications in spinal monitoring

  • Posterior cervical interbody fusions
  • Posterior lumbar interbody fusions and lateral approaches

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