Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation with the EB Neuro STM9000 and NetBrain9000 rTMS- and Neuronavigation Systems 


STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator:

The STM9000 is a powerful next generation magnetic stimulator for repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS).

With a wide variety of programmable stimulation types, it is suitable for use in diagnostics, therapy and research, especially in clinical neurophysiology, psychiatry and rehabilitation.

Available in a range of system configurations – with the option of adding paired-pulse stimulation – it is able to meet a wide range of different requirements.

Its modular structure means that it can be upgraded at any time.

>> Basic Version (up to 10 Hz)
Perfect for clinical diagnostics, with a choice of monophasic /biphasic magnetic stimulation

  • Integrated stimulation coil

>> Standard Version (up to 30 Hz) and Fast Version (up to 50 Hz)
With a choice of monophasic /biphasic magnetic stimulation

  • Optional Paired-Pulse stimulation
  • Burst & Theta burst
  • Integrated 2 ch MEP module

>> Ultra Fast Version (up to 100 Hz)

For demanding therapeutic stimulation applications and research.

With a choice of monophasic, biphasic and sinusoidal magnetic stimulation

  • Optional Paired-Pulse stimulation
  • Burst & Theta Burst
  • Integrated 2 ch MEP module


Galileo Patient Management System optionally via PC/laptop
The STM9000 magnetic stimulator can be connected directly to a Windows PC (or laptop) via a special program from the Galileo NT Suite. Patient and program management is performed on the PC and can be transferred to the stimulator.


>> The “All-in-One” solution for navigated TMS:

NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigator with STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator:
Magnetic stimulation, neuronavigation and comprehensive control and patient management functions in a single system

>> With the full integration between NetBrain Neuronavigator and STM9000 Magnetic Stimulator, all management of the rTMS device is completed over the navigator system and all results of stimulations are directly and automatically transferred back to the navigator software.

>> Standard MRI or individual 3D MRI images – for perfect localisation of brain structures.

>> Rapid, user-friendly head and coil calibration makes treating patients simple, safe and accurate.

>> Value Version of the NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigation System offers maximum flexibility and interoperability

“Stand-Alone” System – the perfect addition to your Magnetic Stimulator

>> With the Value Version of the NetBrain 9000 Neuronavigation system you get a solution with maximum flexibility and maximum quality:

>> The precise, configurable system can be combined with magnetic stimulators and coils from a range of well-known manufacturers.

>> The integrated patient management system can be used both to operate the navigation system and to document and record TMS parameters.

>> The navigation system is equipped with a 24" all-in-one, medical grade touchscreen panel PC.

Customer coils: available on request

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