ISIS Switchmatrix switches between iEEG and electrical stimulation – an intuitive and scalable solution

Stimulation and recording of iEEG has never been so easy

The intracranial EEG, or iEEG, is a method of evaluating epileptic activity in the brain. In case of intractable epilepsy, surgical intervention is an option. To narrow down the focus of the epileptic activity, an iEEG is measured and the pathological sites in the brain are identified. Applications of iEEG are found in neuroscientific research, e.g. in cortical mapping and functional studies.

Flexibility, speed and simplicity

The ISIS Switchmatrix has a range of areas of application. These include applications with iEEG in the diagnosis of epilepsy or with chronic or acute electrophysiological studies of the cortical surface. The complete study is often supported with a VEEG. The ISIS Switchmatrix works with all stimulators and digital amplifiers for iEEG recording. Whenever flexibility, speed and simplicity are required, the inomed Switchmatrix provides a powerful and simple stimulation switching tool for use with invasive multi-channel recording or an intracranial EEG. The ISIS Switchmatrix benefits from a history of developing electrical stimulation systems for IOM and diagnostic applications. The design of the Switchmatrix benefits from extensive cooperation with neurologists, neurosurgeons and other specialists to ensure optimal usability and performance.

Individually controllable electrodes

The ISIS Switchmatrix is like the ISIS standard recording modules powered by a USB port and connects one or two of the 64 channels from iEEG to electrical stimulation. The ISIS Neurostimulator is the perfect partner for the ISIS Switchmatrix with iEEG. In combination with a digital amplifier, the ISIS Switchmatrix can connect individual electrodes of the iEEG lead with the ISIS Neurostimulator or other nerve stimulators. At the same time, the other non-switched channels continue to record the iEEG. However, the ISIS Switchmatrix also offers the ideal starting point for complex applications. Up to three expansion modules - ISIS Switchmatrix extensions - can be connected to the ISIS Switchmatrix. Each of these expansion modules also contain 64 channels and the option to connect up to two additional stimulators. inomed offers a complex solution to meeting complex neurological testing challenges. A maximum of eight stimulators can be connected to individual electrodes for up to 256 channels for the iEEG.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Expansion option with up to 3 ISIS Switchmatrix extensions
  • 64 to 256 channels
  • Connections for up to 8 external neurostimulators


  • Presurgical evaluation of epilepsy
  • Electrocortical stimulation mapping
  • Fast switching within an electrode array

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