The WaveGuard EEG cap provides technology you can rely on

High-quality silver electrodes, concealed cables, comfortable fabric and a durable material

Quickly and conveniently perform the perfect EEG with the WaveGuard EEG cap

WaveGuard EEG caps and the Walter EEG system are the perfect match: the EEG cap is easy to use with a multi-connector, making it simple to connect to the EEG system. The system setup allows practitioners to quickly and conveniently prepare for a recording. The high-quality sintered electrodes provide low impedances and reliable results. Using the cap saves time whilst minimizing the use of consumables. The optimized shape of the electrodes on the WaveGuard EEG caps minimizes induction artifacts and keeps the gel from drying out. In addition, WaveGuard EEG caps are very comfortable to wear, even for long recordings, such as a long-term VEEG. The cap's comfortable material ensures a stable and pressure-free fit. Your patients will thank you for it. Children, in particular, will appreciate the concealed, integrated cable connections on the inomed EEG cap: no exposed cables, no cable clutter, and technology you can trust.

Huge range of EEG cap models available

The WaveGuard EEG cap is available in different sizes and with different electrode layouts. A range of models from 21 to 256 channels are available and the caps come in six different sizes - from newborns through staggered sizes for adults. Never grab the wrong cable again! The color coding and labeling facilitate easy identification during storage and preparation for measurement. The EEG cap is held in place by a chin strap, which is fastened on the left and right sides below the ears with clips. If there are any problems securing the strap to the chin or neck, a chest strap can be attached in place of the chin strap to ensure the EEG cap fits snugly.

Guaranteed longevity

The WaveGuard EEG cap is one of the most durable caps available today for EEG recordings. With the WaveGuard EEG cap you can go through more than 500 measuring and cleaning cycles, whilst inomed also provides a one-year warranty on materials. To ensure that your WaveGuard EEG cap can be used for an even longer period of time, inomed also provides a comprehensive range of accessories, spare parts and a repair service. The WaveGuard EEG cap provides technology you can trust. The fabric, cables and electrodes are made from materials of outstanding quality. WaveGuard EEG caps are therefore the ideal choice for routine EEG, long-term measurements, and functional studies.


  • Available with up to 256 channels
  • Short preparation time thanks to special electrode holders
  • Small sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes ensure high signal quality
  • Optimized electrode form minimizes induction artifacts
  • Long service life thanks to high quality materials
  • No exposed or tangled cables
  • Stable electrode positions from recessed rubber rings
  • Comfortable material ensures a stable and pressure-free fit
  • Easy handling due to color coding and marking
  • Optional fastening above and below the chin with two straps


  • Standard EEG
  • Video EEG
  • Long-duration recordings
  • Functional studies

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