EMG needles bridge electrodes, EEG cables and disposable products manufactured by inomed:

inomed offers a comprehensive range of accessories for electrophysiology studies

The full range of accessories for neurological diagnostics, including single-use and reusable products

inomed provides the full range of products required for neurophysiology. Are you looking for bridge electrodes with a transverse hole for your EEG examinations? Finger loops for sensitive neurography? Or perhaps an EMG needle electromyography?

The quality of our products is second to none: silver chloride and gold-plated electrodes, in addition to bipolar concentric EMG needles, deliver high-quality results. The sterile single-use EMG needle is designed for easy insertion with minimal patient discomfort. The needle is connected to the EMG system using a reusable needle cable. The inomed neurophysiology range includes bridge electrodes, EEG cables, ear electrodes, ECG clamp electrodes, EEG tube caps, wire loop electrodes, waffle recording electrodes, block stimulation electrodes, grounding cables and much more.

Precision, gold-plated contacts ensure an excellent electrical connection

Electromyography, also known as EMG, requires measurements to be taken directly from muscle tissue using an EMG needle. In order to offer the patient more comfort, the inomed EMG needle has a finely sharpened tip and a smooth cannula surface. The recording surface is, depending on the size of the EMG needle, 0.02 mm2 or 0.07 mm2. The needles are supplied in packs of 25 units. The EMG needle is simply inserted in the connection cable at the needle holder. The gold-plated connectors used ensure we have correct polarity and a good electrical connection to the EMG system. The EMG needle electrodes are individually sterile-packed and EO-sterilized, and are available in five lengths and three thicknesses. Compatible with all EMG systems, inomed provides connecting cables with a number of different DIN safety plugs to connect the EMG needle. inomed's extensive product range also includes gel-coated surface electrodes in three different colors per set.

inomed is able to provide your department with the right cable connections to meet your neurophysiology requirements. This includes EEG cables with silver-plated spring connectors and variable electrode cables, e.g. for EMG needles.

Do you need a universal cable for electrodes, such as cup electrodes, surface electrodes, pick-up electrodes, sensitive loop electrodes, or disposable adhesive electrodes with safety connectors?

The inomed product range can deliver the right connecting cable for your needs.



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