Direct Current Stimulation Accessories (tDCS) – HDCKit

The Newronika direct current stimulation system HDCKit >> is modular and consists of a programming unit "HDCprog", a tDCS stimulator "HDCstim®" and a standard electrode kit "HDCel" with accessories.

Useful accessories for direct current stimulation are for example:

  • Further HDCstim® Stimulators
  • Patient caps with pre-installed stimulation targets
    MindCap_6p with 6 electrode positions for the standard tDCS therapy configurations
    MindCap_R with 19 electrode positions for different mountings
  • ISO cable* for online applications via the patient management system WebBioBank
    (* expected to be available from July 2019).

All consumables for direct current stimulation such as sponges, silicone electrodes, conductive gel and all cables can be easily reordered if required.

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