inomed is celebrating its 25th anniversary

The company inomed Medizintechnik GmbH is celebrating an important anniversary in 2016. On 11/11/2016 the medical technology company, which is headquartered in... >>

inomed pIOM technology for pelvic interoperative monitoring and the da Vinci® Si surgical robot - working hand in hand to improve outcome for patients

A publication by Dr. Marian Grade MD et. al of the University Medical Center Göttingen reports on the first successful joint use of both systems. >>

inomed ISIS Xpress – Full function IOM in a lightweight and portable form factor

The new ISIS Xpress for intraoperative neuromonitoring from inomed is the portable version of the gold standard ISIS IOM system. >>

European patent and successful international launch of pIOM-technology

Pelvic intraoperative neuromonitoring for interventions in the pelvis >>

Complete and safe tumor resection in the brain simplified

New mapping suction device by Raabe combines suction and subcortical mapping >>

inomed’s Neuromonitoring for spine surgery - simpler than ever before

With the C2 Spine Software inomed presents for the first time software for the C2 NerveMonitor which is optimized for spinal neuromonitoring. >>