New: Aid for interpreting intraoperative target point verification

inomed presents the newly developed STN Classifier as part of the inomed MER Software.

The STN Classifier shows the level of proximity of the electrodes with respect to the STN target point.

The field of Functional Neurosurgery can benefit from the STN-classifier as a technical aid for interpreting target point verification during deep brain stimulation.

Target point verification for effective relief of Parkinson's symptoms
During microelectrode recording (MER) the neurosurgeon attempts to verify the pea-sized target point STN (subthalamic nucleus) through the precise recording of nerve cell signals. Electrodes are subsequently implanted in this target point, providing permanent electrical stimulation (deep brain stimulation), which brings about the effective relief of Parkinson's symptoms.

Technologically reproducible signal interpretation
In terms of planning and implementation during target point verification, inomed has been providing precision devices for many years. The STN Classifier is a software module for intraoperative signal interpretation, which allows mathematical reproducibility.

In comparison to the entirely visual control of the signals, the STN Classifier enables the technical verification of the STN position, and the mathematically verifiable repeatability for the interpretation of individual patient signals. A percentage gradation helps the user to identify whether he or she is nearing the STN target point, and measures the proximity. This aids the correct positioning of the electrode, or re-adjustment where necessary. The underlying classification is based on the amplitude intensity and the background noise of the nerve cell signals.