New mapping method simplifies safe tumor resection in the brain

Dynamic continuous subcortical mapping of the corticospinal tract by Raabe

The Mapping Suction Probe: Versatile fields of application

The Mapping Suction Probe is considered a real all-rounder: it can be used in a wide range of applications: in neurosurgery, ENT, vascular surgery, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery. Find out more about its many areas of application. >>

Mapping Suction Probe: All-in-one surgical suction & stimulation probe

Dynamic continuous subcortical mapping is a new method that simplifies safe tumor resection in the brain. Especially for the new mapping technique, inomed developed the Mapping Suction Probe in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Raabe (Inselspital Bern). The combination of a surgical suction tube and a stimulation probe allows suction during tumor resection and also enables the simultaneous continuous dynamic mapping of the corticospinal tract.

Mapping Method by Raabe

The ability to resect a tumor down to low motor thresholds (3-5 mA) is a significant refinement of the classic subcortical mapping of the corticospinal tract:

  • The mapping starts with a current intensity around 10 mA
  • Current intensity is proportional to the distance of the corticospinal tract (Rule of thumb: 1 mm ≈ 1 mA)
  • As soon as a MEP is triggered, the current should be reduced in 2 mA steps until 5 mA is reached
  • As soon as a motor response is triggered even at lower motor thresholds, the resection should be continued at a more distant position from the corticospinal tract
  • The suction tip is at any time at the site where the resection is performed and enables continuous mapping
  • The tumor resection should be terminated by the surgeon, considering the progress of the operation and appropriate current intensity of the cortical MEPs

The method is based on a resection where no MEP >> will be triggered. The method allows a safe tumor resection with better protection of the corticospinal tract and helps to prevent a postoperative permanent paresis.

Benefits of the Mapping Suction Probe for subcortical mapping by Raabe

  • Mapping with synchronous suction
  • Simplified maximal tumor resection
  • No change of instruments during the procedure
  • Continuous audio feedback:
  1. A low-pitched sound alerts the surgeon if a MEP is triggered
  2. A high-pitched sound is delivered when current confirm is activated and there is no motor response allowing a continuation of resection


  • Stimulation parameters and the routine application of the Mapping Suction Probe are identical to the parameters of a standard monopolar stimulation probe
  • Monopolar stimulation at the tip of the Mapping Suction Probe
  • The shaft of the Mapping Suction Probe is insulated to ensure that the electrical contact is restricted to the 2 mm active tip of the Mapping Suction Probe
  • Universal use due to standard connections for suction and stimulation as well as easy handling of the suction power due to a suction control hole


  • Neurosurgery >>
  • Protection of the corticospinal tract and motor cortex during tumor resection
  • Direct cortical stimulation
  • ENT
  • Vascular Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial and Facial Surgery

German Industry Award “Industriepreis 2016”

The Mapping Suction Probe wins the German Industry Award “Industriepreis Medizintechnik 2016” in the Medical Technology category.