Neurological Diagnostics

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Magnetic stimulation in neurological diagnostics:

Magnetic stimulation >> has established itself as a useful tool in neurological diagnostics.

This non-invasive method for the stimulation of the cortex and peripheral nerves to derive motor evoked potentials (MEP) is used for routine examinations as well as for the clarification of specific questions.

The focus is on the evaluation of MEPs and the determination of the central motor conduction time for the investigation of the functional integrity of the cortico-spinal tract.


  • Motor evoked potentials (MEP)
  • Central motor conduction time
  • Triple Stimulation Technique
  • Cortical motor threshold
  • Cortical paired-pulse protocols
  • Ipsi- and contralateral cortical innervation silence
  • Motor Mapping
  • Transcutaneous magnetic stimulation of peripheral nerves