Visor2TM – an indispensable system for precise neuronavigation

Neuronavigation is the technique that allows mapping of the interaction between transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS >>) and the human brain.

What does successful neuronavigation require?

The Visor2TM system from inomed not only answers this question – it also provides a solid basis to ensure reliability and reproducibility of TMS in practice with neuronavigation. Years of clinical experience and research has demonstrated this and has resulted in the Visor2TM neuronavigation system, a unit that provides an essential tool for neuronavigation and image-based TMS in clinical practice and research applications.

Improved performance for interventions using neuronavigation. Neuronavigated transcranial magnetic stimulation (nTMS) is very successful in diagnostics and therapy. The technique also delivers excellent results in the area of preoperative cortical mapping. Neuronavigation is used as the standard for preoperative cortical mapping.

The perfect addition to any TMS-stimulator

The Visor2TM neuronavigation system increases the reliability, flexibility and performance of your TMS system, as well as offering the perfect complement to any TMS stimulator. Neuronavigation Visor2TM provides multimodal neuronavigated visualization scenarios with the highest graphic quality in real time.

You can choose from three neuronavigation systems:

Visor 2 QT, the TMS neuronavigation system for the clinical routine. The small and agile QT variant has been developed especially for routine use where straight-forward and swift operation is a must for TMS sessions with neuronavigation


Visor 2 LT, the complete system with all the vital functions for neuronavigation with MRI import, individual head modelling and an optimal price-performance ratio


Visor 2 XT, the advanced system with EMG motor mapping and dual coil navigation support

Thanks to the interactive Visor2TM neuronavigation system, you can pre-plan for each patient personally by importing individual MRI images, or you can use a standard MRI head model. With the use of neuronavigation and simultaneous recording of the EMG signals, you can also very accurately localize and mark the motor functions of the cortex.


  • Simultaneous visualization of EMG and MRI
  • Real-time visualization of induced electrical field
  • MRI co-registration (DICOM, NIFTY) using anatomical reference points
  • Export of “hotspot” of stimulated areas and all other markers in DICOM
  • Compatible with a variety of stimulation coils of different manufacturers
  • Automatic tracking of head movements


Visor2TM is a multifunctional and versatile neuronavigation system that can be flexibly used for diagnostics, treatment and research in:

  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Neurophysiology
  • Clinical neurosurgery (non-invasive preoperative motor mapping)

The pain-free method of TMS combined with neuronavigation provides clinicians and patients with important support and helps with decision-making for all applications.

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